Seigur boats

Building future boats

With 20 years of experience „Seigur Boats“ started with vacuum infusion in 2003 and became a specialist in this. Currently „Seigur Boats“ has 20 employees and many specialized partners. Since the first delivery made in January 2001, „Seigur Boats“ delivered 132 boats until August 1, 2020. The company invented the drop keel and won the „Nor-Fishing“ innovation Prize in 2008 with this.

„Seigur Boats“ says the innovative fibre composite manufacturing process makes the boats stronger and therefore safer, also lighter.

In 2019 „Seigur Boats“ won the Prize as „Top company in 2019“ – it develops transparent business, maintains the financial reputation of the company, competitiveness, responsibility and respect for its business environment.